Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Yellow World

Is There Another You in This World?
A long time ago I had the idea of searching for my name on the internet to see if someone else bore my first and last name together just like I do and it turned out there was/is another Chineze Anigbogu! I didn't send her a message or add her and then suddenly she sent me a friend request and I freaked out and hit ignore ASAP! Once in a long while I check her page (stalking it's called,  know) and wonder about her but I feel it's too weird because my name combination isn't exactly a common one. What do you think. Have you searched for your name on the internet?

Like most things in my closet I've not worn this skirt since I bought it from a local shop. When I saw it again I thought it was fit for the season because of the pastel colors it has.

can you see the missing stones on the watch and purse? Now, you know how well they've been worn.

Blurry detail shot of earrings gifted by Gran.

local shop top / local shop skirt / Steve Madden shoes / no brand purse

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