Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A softening of this pastel hue.

Pink with this shade of pastel is just lovely, isn't it?
I wish you could see this scarf closely. It looks like an artist wiped his brush numerous times on it.
Next time i wear it i will zoom in on it.
I was going through old posts this weekend and a lot of them made me cringe. I considered deleting them, but then I thought "Isn't growth about making poor decisions in personal style or general life and then improving". Deleting them would mean erasing photos I'd look back to, give myself a handshake and say I've improved. So, I left them. Even if I still cringe at the thought of someone seeing them. Yet, there are people who saw them all and have followed me all this while. Thank you so much for being there, for reading my posts. Muah! Lots of hugs!

Dress: Local Shop  / Shoes: Anne Michelle / Scarf: thrifted / Bag: Salisburys

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