Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eating Grapes like the gods!

I love Greek Myths. I've devoured so many literature that has anything to do with ancient Greek gods.....watched so many versions of Hercules. The names themselves make me sigh deeply...Achilles, Prometheus, Zeus, Aphrodite, Venus, Ares, Artemis, literature compares, OK, wait, The works of Shakespeare protest.

The very reason I love this skirt is the vegetable motif-Grapes! Eaten by the gods on their thrones!
Bringing it down to mundane earth I thought the denim would bring in the casualness that would help keep my head grounded so I don't begin to feel so much like a goddess and forget who's the boss at work.
Jane More skirt / LaFraise denim shirt / B2 shoes / Cover bag

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