Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bumble Queen

Forgive my 'disappearing act' but it was much easier to blog when I had my laptop. The repair man mentioned motherboard and my brain just sorta shut down. Haven't been to see my dear lappie in a while. With the hefty charge on it and the hmms and ahhs, I've been gathering the strength to shout when I get there. You won't understand Nigeria unless you live here. 

Now, on the subject of my outfit. This yellow and black skirt does not bring me close to resembling a bee, thank God. Despite all of the bees industriousness I'd still very much love to remain human, thank-you-very-much. I love the black pattern on the skirt's yellow background. Paired it with an old lace top and a pair of sunglasses.
I do wear sunglasses a lot, don't know why it never got in any of my posts.
 Local Shop Skirt / Local Shop Top / Bakers Shoe

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