Friday, April 13, 2012

Ne-yo, beg your pardon, Ne-on

Let me introduce you to the only pair of colored long-legged pants I have in my closet.
 This season's trends have really made their marks in my closet as I have purchased bright colors that I normally would have shyed away from.
Honestly, I don't think I've understood the relevance of trends until now. Trends let you diversify your style and provide a guide on what to purchase when you hit the stores.

Thrifted top / JCL jeans / Marichi Mani shoes

So, when I went thrifing last week I had three things in mind: neon, mint and pastel. I found one of each. This beautiful neon top with it's ruffled neckline stood out from the row of clothes and I quickly snagged it.

On a sad note: my laptop crashed and I've taken it in for repair. Hopefully, I'll get it next week in good condition. Sucks big time.

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