Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Coffee colors; from latte to espresso


I’m a coffee person. My stained teeth can testify to that, but I’m not strictly all coffee. sometimes, on few occasions I crave tea; black tea, please. I do not enjoy cocoa and would rather go without than manage a cup.

Local Shop bought skirt, Valentia shirt, Steve Madden shoes

when it comes to outfits though, I do not like coffee colors, but this skirt has been pleading wit me for ages saying “dress me up, please” so, I took pity and did.


Local shop bought skirt / Valentia shirt / Steve Madden shoes

I felt frumpy all day and kept fiddling with the waistband and belt, looking in car windows to see if it was right. Brown colors do that to me, especially bottoms.

Now that I’ve worn the skirt once I know that I will wear it again. Next time, maybe with pink? we’ll see.

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