Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rain on me


It rained today! And it was chilly. I love it when it rains, but I don’t like the messed up roads after the rain.

Sun Valley top, thrifted skirt, random flats

Because of the chill in the air I wore this top that I like to call David’s Sackcloth. I don’t know what fabric it is but somehow it seems like something biblical David would ‘rent his garments’ to wear in mourning. I’m not mourning though, you can see that from the photos, I’m actually smiling.


Sun Valley top / thrifted skirt / random flats

It kept me warm through the day and I refused to take it off especially since it drizzled again in the evening.

If I didn’t routinely take a night shower I’d wear it to bed. I haven’t got any thick nightie. well, I do have a blanket. The belt is from a safari style dress that I’ll wear as soon as I have the strength for it. The skirt I’ve previously worn here.  I’m listening to DJ Exclusive on the radio right now Smile

Hope you had a great day.

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