Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smooth Operator

You know how someone says or does something and the lyrics from a song pops into your head. It happens to me all the time, but I do not hum,sing or say it out. well, I did say it out this one time.
“I think I must be old-fashioned” I said
“I like old fashioned girls” he said
“Some girls are just over ambitious” I said
“They’d do anything, it’s disgusting” he said
“Even still get pregnant for Tuface ( A Nigerian Artiste) when they know he has more than two kids by two different women.
“Imagine that”
A pause. Some distraction. Then I said
“But I want to be rich,travel the world, own property, own an island even”
“ You’re ambitious, I like that”
That was when Sade Adu’s sultry voice popped in my head with the song SMOOTH OPERATOR.
Now, on the outfit. You know I’ve worn this top here before. Been searching for polka dots on white background. Finally found one. I really like the purple belt in this mix. what do you think?

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