Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flowers wont grow in Gardens of Stone





This skirt wasn’t my idea at all, but I love it, now. It was a last minute buy. The saleswoman didn’t have any change to give me and I didn’t want to ‘come back later’ so she offered me the skirt at a lowered price. I didn’t want it and I thought she was trying to sell it to me because nobody’d buy it. At the end I took it grudgingly. I thought the floral prints were forced on the red background and they didn’t belong there. After a while the skirt got to me and I started wanting to style it. My first attempt wasn’t documented. This is the second time I’m wearing the skirt. I wore it with a camel-toned button-down shirt before but I think this is better.

I think that I’ll be travelling to my hometown for the Xmas hols. A cousin is having her traditional marriage on the 24th. This means zero internet connection. I’m not decided yet, though.

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