Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flower Power

I found a shop sometime ago that carried a lot of skirts that looked like they could be from past eras. I’d love to call them vintage but then I don’t know if they are 25 years old and the sales woman didn’t know either. From the look of the floral and prints I’d say “vintage-y”.

I bought quite some skirts from the shop. I’ve worn some.

Some are going to undergo reconstruction and some are yet to be worn.

This Miss Kim Tailor skirt is one of such skirts





I’ve worn it here before


I’m really loving the weather right now. Harmattan has officially arrived. The dry cold. Imagine having your air conditioning all around you in the mornings and evenings and a very hot sunshine in the afternoon. I love the foggy smell in the air in the morning. I  call it the smell of Christmas.

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