Monday, November 7, 2011


I went to church today! At the start of this year I made a New Year Resolution to be more spiritual/religious……however it is viewed, but I totally forgot---as always. Sundays are usually free days for me so rather than dress up and go out I lie in, drink, nibble on fattening foods, watch movies, read  a book, but today, the first time in many, many months I went to church and not only that, I totally enjoyed service! See,  I’m an Anglican by birth/baptism before my mom ‘derailed’ to a Pentecostal and my dad (late now) became distracted. Well I became completely disenchanted by the whole church thing---never was enchanted before anyway.
Ha, so  as not to put my life story online. I’ll simply say that I went to a new generation Pentecostal church and I was awed. Totally loved it and so totally going back. What I love most is that it’s just an hour thirty minutes of communing with our creator. Maybe its time to start building a strong belief system.
Here’s what I wore:

I wore my new Zara shoes and a Japanese brand Yuzawa dress I’ve had in my closet for so long. I  put in the decorative middle piece myself using needle and thread. no brand bag first seen in this outfit:
EnC top Red heart  moms old skirt Red heart  Jessica shoes Red heart no brand bag

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