Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shoe Shopping


When  I go shoe shopping I ooh and aah over the 5-6 inch heels I see, but then I go for 4 inch heels and I’m happy. I love shoes that give me height without the totter.

Keeping in mind that I need practical, everyday shoes and that the roads I walk on in this developing country of mine aren’t stumble-free I chose these shoes below:

Recent Shoes Purchase

Black shoes with blue insides----Zara

Gray shoe----Adolfo Dominquez

 Black shoes with reed soles----Next runway collection

Boots----Fashion Bug

Red wedge----Qupid

Flats----random shops


For the next two months I will be shopping for shoes.  I rarely do impulse buys. Most of my purchases are budgeted. It’s not that I haven’t bought any shoes this year, I  have, like this


Anne Michelle

And this:


Random flat

But I only go against my budget if there’s free money lying around and I do not want to spend it on restaurant meals.

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