Monday, November 28, 2011

New in


I’ve been off the internet for a while because my ISP (MTN-NG) decided to be annoying. I’ll trying to catch up with  my fave blogs as fast as I can. I want to be sure I’ve read a lot of blogs, thin down the number of unread posts in my bloglovin account before I put up an outfit post. So this is to let my lovely readers know that I’m back.

These are the shoes I got this month. Remember I told you last month that I’d be shopping for shoes (amongst other things of course) for a few months.



  Anne Michelle  Black shoes

Bumper  Red glitter shoes

Random flats from local boutique

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  1. Stylish as always my friend.

    I have no style whatsoever. If it looks good on the mannequin in the store, then I go with it.


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