Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Great Love Story


I once taught in a Nursery School before I got into Uni. In my class, Nursery Two A, I had twelve beautiful kids of which there were five boys. One of the boys was Chizzy Nwoko. I remember him as a good-looking four year old, but it wasn’t the promising shape of his head nor the cute slight bows of his legs that drew my admiring attention to him. It was his sweet, innocent love for Ife.


Ifechukwu Udeh was a really beautiful fair-complexioned four year old who was always nervous, respectful, fearful and easily moved to tears.

You see, Chizzy and Ife never knew each other until they met around a blue colored round table in the classroom. I really do not know how or when but I did notice the feelings of likeness directed at Ife from Chizzy.

He fed her his lunch during recess while hers sat in her lunch box. He waited for her after school while she took her notes. Ife was a slow writer so note-taking was a bit of a drag with her, but Chizzy waited for as long as it took her to write: A person from Nigeria is called a Nigerian. A person from China is  called a Chinese. and then he held her hand and they walked home.


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When Ife cried, which she often did, Chizzy was there to wipe the tears with the heels of his palms usually without saying a word. Once when Ife broke her pencil and was nervously fidgeting over it Chizzy offered her his and took some reprimands from me for not writing Embarrassed smile. Another time when she fell and bruised her knees he took her to the school clinic and waited outside and then he went with her to the classroom and never left her side for the rest of the day.

He was always quiet, rarely said a word and she had big beautiful eyes that was always unsure.

For me, that was the greatest love story I had ever watched. It was real, it was innocent and it was pure.

I wonder from time to time where they are right now. How their lives have become.

Have you seen any real live love story, lately, besides yours of course, Send a kiss

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  1. Like a little Romeo and Juliet eehhh?!?

    Its a sweet story.


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