Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Faulty Ensemble?

B.B.N.Y Skirt, Random shop top, Random shop shoes
                                B.B.N.Y skirt Red heart random shop top Red heart random shop shoes

If there’s anything I’ve learnt in my twenty four years on earth it is that people will always find faults with you, that’s why we’re humans not God. Even the Greek gods found faults with each other. I do enjoy Greek Myths a lot.
Think about it. Is there really anybody you know who’s perfect? There’s always a ‘but…’ isn’t there? To them they’re perfect just as to you you are perfect.
So you see when someone picks a fault with me I listen because I know she’s just acting normal and I’m just me……no offense taken.
We’ll just have to negotiate and find a common ground. Unless I’m really not in a good mood, then all hell’s let loose. DevilSmile
Let’s just say I really didn’t have a really good day. But I’ll go to bed now and It’ll all be forgotten in the morning. Hope you have/had a better day than I did.


  1. Hey thanks for commenting.. yeah that mascara is great.. Do you live in Nigeria? Thats so cool.. I was actually looking for your blog a couple of days ago, I forgot the name..Im half Nigerian but I've never been there..x

  2. You have a wonderful sense of style, but I must say that your beautiful complexion enhances just about any color you wear.


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