Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Game of Bugs

I woke one Saturday Morning
I looked down from my bed
I saw Bedbug and Spider
they were playing games of bug.
They score was six to nothing
The Spider was ahead
Then came Bedbug shouting
he was shouting straight to me
he was shouting.....
inner me, inner me, Anna oh!
Get the Spider, baby
let it go inner me.....

I remembered this song from my childhood days when I sat down to write this post. It made me smile.
It's the game of Ludo I was going to talk about in this post. It's a very popular Nigerian game.

It has survived a number of tantrums and has the scars to show for it

The game starts when a player throws a six on one of the die. The six brings the player out of his/her house (the big squares are the houses) and he counts the accompanying numbers on the second dice. So that if he throws a 6 and 4 when he's still in his house he only counts 4. But if he wants to count the 6 and 4 with a seed that's already out he counts 10 either with one of his seeds or a 6 with one seed and 4 with another.

The Aim of the Game: is to take all your seeds round the board and back home before your opponent does that. 

The shortcut to your home is to kill off/send your opponent back to start by ending your count on top of him.

Direction: the seeds count forward only. No going back. When a seed is on the steps leading home, the player has the option to count or not to count. He can be immobile until he gets the exact number that takes him straight home. The process is much like that of Snakes and Ladder.

I love this game. There's so much fun when its played. And so much cheating,lol, by me. I don't ever win. My elder cousin wins me, my younger cousin wins me, my childhood friend, Ify, my boyfriend, Frank, a  good friend, Blessing, Ify's friend and her younger brother---everybody wins me! So I cheat and cheat and cheat, yet I lose. Everybody knows i cheat. Lmao. I don't seem to have a lucky hand when it comes to rolling that die. When i need 6 I get a pair of eyes (. .) staring back at me. lol.

You can see that this game has seen a lot of  tantrums, hence the broken glass.

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