Monday, July 4, 2011

Three Weeks off!

Car Mar blazer | Next top | thrifted skirt

I know I've been MIA, and I'm not actually back. I have to go away for three weeks for a sort of para-military training in preparation for the NYSC mandatory  one-year community service demanded from every Nigerian graduate. I quit my job for this and that sucks, big time!

So, I'll take pictures of the camp and activities going on in it. I was posted to Lagos ( where I've been all my life, except for when I went to a boarding secondary school at Imo state and then uni at Enugu State), but my camp is at Delta State.

This outfit isn't recent I dug it out of an archive. I promise to change this boring location when I resume blogging, enough with the hiding, when I go about my daily activities I will snap snap no shy shy :-)

All the love in the world, MuAh!!! INEZ

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