UBC Day 20 // The Challenge of Surviving Gossip

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Source: A Proverbs 31 Wife

Challenges are those rocks we meet at some point in our individual paths in life. They are pesky and doubly irritating, but their purpose in our individual creation is that if we survive we learn and we grow.
The challenge of fitting into a dress when hips are wider than butt or butt more than hips is found rather simple when hips and butt are in almost perfect symmetry, alas, life never grants anyone such almost-perfection of symmetry in all areas.
My biggest and gravest challenge so far has been ‘surviving gossip’. I did tell you here that Gossip is a Teacher and yes, it has taught me a lot of lessons.
It has taught me that
  1. Yes, you would get to know information about people you didn’t know before. This could be detrimental to your interactions with people or helpful.
  2. The information you get via gossip could be true, false, or true, but appended with false strings. Thus it may not be reliable and you will need to seek facts before you judge based on gossip.
  3. Gossip or false information may not only be passed via word of mouth but also via false social media impersonation.
  4. When you listen to gossip you might find yourself falsely accused of being the orator who had brought up the gossip.
  5. When you are indeed the originator of the gossip and it gets eventually traced to you as it is wont to be, it will be a slight on your reputation and we all have heard how a good name is better than silver or gold.
  6. The sole purpose of a gossip brought to your table might be to extract your contribution and have your contribution spread in exchange for another person’s contribution in a never ending cycle by the originator of the initial gossip.
  7. A little bit of false information / false accusation spread via gossip can cause catastrophic damage within a group.
  8. Gossip is a good way to know who is reliable and trustworthy within a group, for secrets can only be kept by those who listen more than they speak about what they’ve heard.
  9. The friends who are quick to believe a gossip about you without probing for facts show themselves to be less than close friends.
  10. The friends who are quick to release information about you via casual gossip show themselves to be less than close friends.
  11. Gossip causes loads of confusion for both speakers and hearers.
  12. You could get into trouble for hearing a gossip meant to be tightly guarded information.
  13. The motive and intention of passing certain information via gossip is rarely ever pure nor honest.

Keeping in tune with the UBC Day 20 I'm sharing on here the challenge that I faced and have recently made it through.
So, have I learned lessons? Grave ones. How did I overcome this challenge?
Keeping concrete records of vital information that are true. Being as honest as I could possibly be. Striving to hold on to my core beliefs. Using the opportunity to know close friends better. Giving God time to make things right; in essence, having Faith.  And as the good book says that God lets the sun shine on both friend and foe, I’ve learned to continue to greet all with a ‘good morning, good evening’ a ‘hi and hello’.

What challenge have you faced recently and how have you made it through?

UBC Day 18 // If Music Be The Food of Love

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I love music as most people do. My taste and appreciation of music is not limited to my moods, relationships, friendships, life situations, lifestyle or personal life experiences.
I love classics and oldies like…….
Frank Sinatra, Don Williams, Kenny Rogers, Bob Marley, Michael Bolton, Johnny Nash, Sade Adu, Shania Twain etc
If you’ve read my blog for long enough you already know I love Frank Sinatra a lot. I mentioned him here and there and to the Franks out there you know it wasn’t at all about you. Frank Sinatra used to coo me to sleep from my father’s ancient stereo, and Oliver de Coque and Osadebe amongst others would jive up an evening of indulgence in isi ewu (Goat Head) and nkwobi. If this happened to be in my hometown there’d be that identifiable blue keg of palm wine.
Now, besides classics and country, reggae and highlife oldies.
I enjoy a variety of contemporary and not-too-contemporary music; from soul, rhythm and blues to rap and hip hop, the likes of Barry M, R-Kelly, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, Paloma Faith, Snoop Dog, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Missy Elliot, Timberland, The Pussycat Dolls, Neyo, Avant, Adele, Lamar, Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, Nico and Vinz, Sam Smith, The Corrs, ……….

Spanish musicians like Hugo and his son Enrique Igleasias have a soft spot in my heart. Shakira too.
Oh you already know about my enjoyment of contemporary country like Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood to name a few.
I’m not leaving out Naija jamz from Flavor, Davido, Naeto-c, D-banj, Phyno…….
Nor am I leaving out gospel music
It doesn’t matter to me if the music is about wisdom, breakup, heartbreak, love, fame, money or anything so far removed from me I’ll listen and enjoy it if it appeals to me.
As of a favorite. None. 

UBC Day 18 : For today's blog post write about a song or musical piece that affects you in one way or another. Care to share a musical piece that affects you?

UBC Day 17 // Are We Having Fun Yet?

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There are lots of things that are fun for me, from movies to writing and reading to art to music, dance, conversation, meeting a new person, or an event outside my scope of knowledge and lots, but at the core of all of them is happiness. None of them would be fun if they do not bring me some contentment and happiness. 
You guessed it. The UBC Day 17 suggests we share on what constitutes fun for us.

PS: Casual Sex (i.e sex outside a relationship) is not fun for me. Has never been, never will be.

Coffee is fun. Did you know there are different coffee beans? And this affects the taste of the coffee?

What do you perceive as fun for you? 

UBC Day 16 // King Baabu

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Source: Lagos Mums
The last play I saw was King Baabu by Wole Soyinka. I got tickets from Dealdey and attended. I love all forms of art. It was a lovely performance.

The UBC Day 16 encouraged we share the last concert / play / movie that you saw?

Care to share yours?

UBC Day 15 // Facing Adversity and Overcoming

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We all face some form of adversity at some point in life. Some are through poor choices and some due to no fault of ours. I've faced adversity here and there, but I am still to overcome the gravest so far. Hopefully, when I do I will share more on that.
Until then....It is well with my soul.
Care to join the UBC Day 15 Challenge and share on when you or your business faced adversity? What was it? What caused it? What did you do to overcome it? What did you learn from the incident?

UBC Day 14 // Products and Services I Offer

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UBC Day 14 wants us to share on a service or product we sell or offer.
Well, if you enjoy poetry here's a link to my book: The Queen of Thieves
And a link to my worksheets on Agricultural Science, which is the subject I teach in secondary school.
If you seek a ghost writer to write on any topic email me on inezsmallworld(at)gmail.com

UBC Day 13 // Inspiration Walk

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Source: Photocrati
The UBC Day 13 encourages us to share what or who inspires us. I believe inspiration comes from a variety of sources and taking a walk does not hurt the process.  

What or Who inspires you? Are you an inspiration to people?

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