Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Beauty // How To Apply Perfume for Lasting Effect.

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When you’ve splashed out on an expensive fragrance, the one thing that will usually be on the forefront of your mind would be how you can make it last all day.
Granted that expensive fragrances have lasting power, it wouldn’t hurt to apply your scent to the most optimum parts of the body in order to increase its ability to last.

1.       Hair
Spraying perfume directly on the strands of your hair would dry out the hair because of the alcohol content present in the scent, so instead of spritzing directly onto strands , mist onto a brush or comb and delicately pull through the hair. The fragrance would latch onto hair fibres and produce a long-lasting effect.

2.       Pulse Points
Pulse points are locations on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. Body heat emanates from these spots and this helps the fragrance to heat up and diffuse into the air all through the day.
The pulse points are inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind the ears, belly button, inside elbows, back of the knees, wrists and ankles.

For more lasting power
*Apply perfume to hydrated pulse points just after a shower or bath. But you should first moisturize so that the perfume sticks to the moisturizer molecules rather than your pores, thereby keeping the fragrance alive longer.
*Allow your pulse points to dry without rubbing it after applying fragrance.
*Keep the bottle at about 5-7 inches from skin. I’ve personally had burns due to over dried out skin when I continually applied fragrance too close to the skin behind my ears.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Color Block Fashion Mia Dress

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FashionMia Dress / Franco Sarto shoes / local shop bought bag / Amazon pom pom

If you are new to the words color blocking, it simply refers to wearing multiple solid block colors in an outfit. If you are shy about color blocking or it's one of those things that seem daunting to you you might want to try already color blocked dresses like this one from FashionMia. 

I love the length of this color blocked dress and the Dacron fabric is OK for the price. I've washed and worn it several times since I got it and the blue didn't bleed into the white.
I accessorized with my faithful brown block heel sandals and tan bag; making the look perfect for Fall. 

This post is sponsored by FashionMia. All opionions are honestly my own. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Two Ways to Style a Shein Bodycon Dress

Shein dress / Bean +Ashe snake print shoes / 
I remember times when I wore bodycon dresses a lot, but that was before words like 'work-life balance' became a part of my vocabulary. As I adjusted my wardrobe to make it suitable and appropriate for both work and off-work hours I did away with my bodycon dresses and replaced them with sheath dresses.
When Shein offered me the opportunity to choose a dress from their wide array of fashionable dresses I saw this sheath dress and it got me reminiscing about the carefreeness of those days in my not-too-distant past. I wondered if I could incorporate a bodycon dress for work.
Since I had my work environment in mind I opted for this black bodycon dress because the hemline was at knee length, which made it suitable for the conservative environment at work. 

In the first look I wore a racy lacy top underneath and covered up with my old olive bomber-style jacket. This look could take me from work to after-work hours.

In the second look I wore a bright pink shirt underneath. I love the appliqu├ęd roses on this shirt. It gave the shirt a romantic feel, no? The shirt is quite loud so I left out the costume necklace for work.  I only put on the costume necklace after work. As a secondary school teacher ( I teach an all girls school) I let my not-so-subtle fashionista vibe out on days when I do not have classroom duties, because a fashion overdose would be a distraction while teaching.
Do you own a bodycon dress? Do you still wear it? 

This post is sponsored by Shein. All Opinions are honestly my own. 

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