Wednesday, July 26, 2017


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online wedding invitations

Every couple has a love story and every story is imperfectly perfect in its simplicity. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, there are kisses, engagement rings, the wedding and curtains close. But the romance, heartaches, healing, reconciliations and drama all constitute the plots that personalize each love story, making it perfect for each individual couple.
So, when wedding invitations are thought out you already know your guest list will comprise those who were belabored with the joys and woes preceding the final dance towards permanence. With the drafted guest list on hand, an established budget and a decided theme, the next consideration would be your stationery.

This post was created in partnership with Anagram Interactive and Paperless Post,
but all opinions are my own

What better company would you entrust the responsibility to design and bring to cohesive magical existence all the accoutrements that merge your personal style with your individual love story than Paperless Post, one that has collaborated with decorated designers and lifestyle brands such as Kate Spade New York, Oscar de la Renta and Jonathan Adler to name a few. Imagine online invitations customized in text, fonts, color palette, thermography, letter press or engraving, with heart felt personal touches like custom illustrations, calligraphed monogram or a new family crest to sum up your past courtship and future wedded bliss.
Paperless Post helps design custom online and paper stationery to reflect your personal style, whether it be classic, formal, casual or something a little unusual like a beach wedding. There are also invitations for birthdays, holidays, baby shower and Save the date. Customized personal stationery is a wonderful way to announce your new married names and thank gracious guests for their gifts at the same time when it is all easily done online and sent by a stress-free click of a button.

I was offered points to procure custom designed cards or invitations from Paperless Post for this post. I hope to use them to send out birthday cards in the nearest time. Looking at December....... 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Off Duty Style // Vlisco Ankara Crown Print Skirt

 M&S bag / Ann Marianno shoes / Vlisco Ankara fabric skirt 
“If someone thinks that peace and love are just a cliche that must have been left behind in the 60s, that's a problem. Peace and love are eternal.”
John Lennon

This morning started out fine with thoughts of things that needed to be rounded off, but on the way from home to work, I encountered a reminder that threw me in an ugly mood. At a point in the day, in the middle of a pathetic rant, I realized that I’ve begun gradually choosing an unpleasant default for expressing ugly emotions. I had a pause. Straightened my spine and calmly chose another default. One with which I was familiar for a long time; ingrained in my subconscious, but almost lost. A more pleasant default. One that kept my sense of personal power about me; that enabled me brush off unpleasant occurrences in day-to-day living. I mentally adjusted my crown and calmly; with a sense of assuredness chose to simplify my thoughts with one word: Peace. The framed white dove had hung on our living room wall all my life. It represented peaceful focus on the task at hand, on five compound goals for each day, on the simplicity of existence, on one positive thought at a time. I’ve mentally chosen to focus on my crown, keeping it on my head as I go through the rest of my life living peacefully in the present. This is not a resolution. This is a done deed. 

Done and did as done with off-shoulder tops. I love my collar bones and I love to show them off subtly in a very feminine way. Off-shoulder tops allow me to enjoy this love without tackiness. 
I didn't arrive at this calmness on my own. I had the help of good, invincible and almost invisible friends. I have been ugly and they have been there striving to keep my crown on. 
Do you have such friends; protective of your crown? Keep them, love them, cherish them. And keep your crown on.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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And we lived happily ever after like vintage Walt Disney royals. In a story book love, yes. In real life it’s more like Princess Moana or Mulan. Discovering ourselves as we grow older and deeper in love, finding our path and accepting our destiny. Things really get messy, and pleasantly so too as complexions change while you’re basking in the sun in Jamaica, white teeth yellow from too many wine tasting in Paris vineyards or dishabille hair from cruising atop elegant ocean liners dressed up in all white. Oh the dreams we dream.
Shop the dream

I’m awake today dressed in soft pink stripes and stretching to the glorious sun rays.
It was an awfully wet week from July the 2nd, but, it’s been dry three days straight now. Lovely, perfect for a little pleasant stroll in casual relaxed vibes and attire. I’m still loving the feel of these faux suede pants that I wore here previously, they are warm for the chilly weather in Lagos, Nigeria and chic for gentle glamour. I dressed down the look with this pair of faithful creamy slides. I’ve mostly done stripes in classic black and white, occasionally I dabble in multi-color stripes like this multi-color striped wide leg pants and this multi-color pin stripe pleated midi skirt.
  I’m enjoying the softness of this knit wear pink stripes. It’s the perfect lounge wear when you don’t do yoga pants.
 How has your life been? Pleasant I hope.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


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Kelly Donahue jacket | c/o Zaful shoes | River Island pants | c/o Daniel Wellington watch | Elizabeth mini dress

I’m not in love! It’s just a phase that I’m going through... when I first heard these lyrics by Enrique Igleasias. It gave me pause, but if you’ve been star struck, moon lit, sun scorched by certain personas you know the drift of brain waves undulations when, say, you meet your favourite celebrity or media person. Beyonce! Well, I didn’t have such luck of meetings, but I did fall in love with the idea of escaping into the weekend last Friday. Can’t believe another Friday is almost here. Now, what did I do? sssssssh

Speaking of love, I love the attention to detail on this navy blue unlined jacket. The finishing at the seams with lime green fabric is a mark of quality. And it’s one of the details I look out for when I purchase items following my wardrobe core values which we discussed here as
(a)   Versatility
(b)   Practicality
(c)   Quality
When purchasing a clothing item with quality in mind, there are three factors I hold in mind: Fabric, finishing and fit.
I prefer natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk and bamboo. These fabrics should feel soft and not scratchy and when they come blended with synthetic fibres such as polyester, rayon or lycra, the natural fibres should have higher percentages. I’ve had my fair share of poor choices and learned that sometimes price of the item does not equal this quality.
For finishing I look out for straight neat seams. Loose stitches and loose buttons indicate the clothing might fall apart soon and dangling loose threads show the garment was made in a hurry or given poor attention in the process of manufacture. Cheap lining and outfits without labels are sometimes also indicative of poor quality in this regard. Even though I’ve purchased many good quality items without label, I believe brands that put their labels on their product will take care that the item represents their brand accurately, for me that is the importance of labels.

Finally, for fit. Whether snug or loose, the placement of darts and yokes are not debatable. Button down shirts that gape in the chest area, skirts that ride up when I walk...whatever does not just sit right is of poor fit.

So, what are your wardrobe core values? What guides your clothing purchases?

Friday, June 30, 2017


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c/o Zaful mom jeans / Bellini shoes / 6 DU STUDIO lace top 
I’m falling head over heels in love. It’s such a lovely feeling; to be in love. I don’t know if it’s this Blake Shelton’s Honey Bee music I’ve got plugged into my ears….I don’t know if it’s the effect of the weekend approaching or just the beauty of this peplum hemmed eyelet lace top has got my heart singing this Friday.
It’s like soft and sweet on wine and whiskey; this look of lavender lace and red floral embroidered denim jeans. At first I had misgivings about the pairing of sturdy lace on high-waist mom jeans, but I loved the look in my imaginations and yea, we’ve heard that imaginations run wild, this time I opted to run crazy wild and naked with it. Speaking of naked, I’m letting the lace full reign in a little bit of peek-a-boo to balance the modesty in a respectfully sexy way for my off duty ways.
Some gold chain about the red vintage style pointy shoes and I’ve achieved retro glam in a modern age.
*singing… If you’ll be my Lagos baby, I’ll be your Abuja guy
You’ll shop on My Small World, I’ll send around the world
Shop Lace Tops and Mom Jeans

Thursday, June 29, 2017


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Fruit print has become the new floral this Summer. You have to take your daily apples on your dress this season and believe doctor bachelors will be bee lining for the sweet nectarines you emit should you do it right at a Summer Wedding. ;-)
Fruit is a la mode! Fruit Prints are vibrant, zesty and playful in the form of Beyonce-style lemons, juicy watermelon print crop tops, strawberry print sundresses, pineapplet-shirts, banana embroidered vintage denim, fruity bikinis.... Yum, yum. Healthy is anti-aging. You never looked this good; from prints on clothes to farmers markets and to cuisines. It’s a not so subtle reminder to make healthy choices. Get your 5-a-day with Summer’s fruitiest trend. Join the healthy competition in this game of fruit slices that practically scream Summer Break! Every fashionista has gone bananas for fruit prints, so, get your dream basket bag, raffia wedges, straw hats and cat-eye sunglasses head on to the beach and be looking like one in a melon. haha
If head-to-toe fruit prints are too much for you, how about a cherry necklace, all kinds of fruit brooches, cherry-trimmed thong sandals, a watermelon clutch, water melon umbrella! Hello! You have no excuse to not use those life lemons.
Now, remember: Do chic, not clownish. Repeat: Chic, not clownish.
Got it.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


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White top shirt off shoulder
c/o Zaful shoes / custom-made Ankara print pants / local shop bought top 

From behind the scenes of my closet; 13 HOURS most days, these white shirts fight back against overwhelming odds on days when every outfit attempt goes wrong, prior preparations go to toss or wardrobe malfunctions happen every which way, time is short and there seem to be no hope in sight.

They are glaringly discreet, prim and proper feminine, but mean business in protecting me from being a complete disaster on such paramount moments as when I’ve highlighted most colors on this pair of Ankara pants, first the green, then the subtle mint and then with mustard-y yellow, now  there’s no fresh way to remix the look. But, wait. Fresh? A white shirt is fresh. An off-the shoulder origami detailed white top is a whole other take on fresh. The intricate weaving on this white top isn’t exactly lace, but I admire the way each narrow string of fabric is strung along to create a lacy look around the neckline of the Bardot-style top. It’s the little things; the attention to minute details like these that bring out the beauty in an item or outfit or life even. 

I’ve begun paying good positive attention to the small things in life again and my inner state is being rewarded. Some things now have new meaning and some other things become inconsequential. Growing older sure does have its perks I won’t give back for any reason. Solid knowledge about what is important, for one. Looking good is important. It’s the side of you you present as you go about your daily grind. I love the appeal of white against this multi-color print pants. This outfit is like a black-and-white look with some zing. Chain strap bags always have their way of glamorizing an entire outfit and I’ve loved this quilted one of late.

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