Friday, February 17, 2017

POETRY // My Darling Princess

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Idly I roam the world
As a leaf shaken from its mother tree
Evil and good have I mastered
That I search for you

In my deepest solitude
I envision the width with which
You'd spread those arms
To gather me in your bosom

My palms have possessed a ruffians callus
And I pray they’d be tender on your breasts
More tender than my lips would be

Plenteous thoughts I have thought of you
And I would give the latest breath of mine
If I am told I own your heart no more
But who dare presumes to say as much
Shall have him thrown in a gallow
And who lies betwixt your breasts
Shall have a worse fate.

----Inez Anigbogu

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Weekend Style // Ethnic and Ankara Print Contrast

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Vlisco Ankara Skirt / random slides / c/o Zaful wrap necklace / Stephen Collins belt / Nine West bag 
Have you ever been on the verge of giving up and then someone says some words that twist your emotions and thoughts a crooked way and so out of sheer spite to prove them wrong you giddy up. I confess that I mix and match and contrast prints because lots of people outside the blogosphere do not comprehend it and they wonder sometimes if I made a mistake in my pairings. The way I see it, it's my personal taste expressed on my own time. Err, but even I think that this time I barely managed this contrast of ethnic and Ankara print. :-D 
I've been meaning to restyle this ethnic print blouse since I wore it here and here, this time I paired it with this Ankara skirt that I've also styled previously here and here. 
What do you think? Did I manage it?

Poetry // My Sleeping Beauty

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Who has kissed my sleeping beauty? 
Who had slept for me alone? 
Who has woken her from her sleep? 
To wander away from me? 

Has my spell so long expired? 
That she know not me again 
I better cast another spell 
Least she forever forgets me 

Where shall I find my sleeping beauty? 
Where has she sleepwalked? 
My loving spell upon her fell 
What shall be the cause? 
Have I fallen in my secrets? 
Is there a hole in me? 
That I cannot hold my beauty 
To my shoulders anymore. 

------ Inez Anigbogu

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