Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Personal Style // Do You Know You Have Your Unparalleled Unique Style?

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Style is your individual interpretation of fashion. Just as weather is to climate; so is dressing-up to style. Every great thing comes with practice and every day we practice our personal style with what we choose to buy, what we choose to wear and how we choose to wear it.
Gradually and steadily these outfit choices become your personal style. For instance, go through your wardrobe and see how unconsciously you have filled your wardrobe with more of a color than other colors.

My style has always been eccentric, classic and playful with infusions of novelty.  I’m the girl who will happily clash and combine prints and patterns, who will wear pearl earrings and still don a fro, but today I’m laid back casual in that easy going way that lets you amble about town with a quiet purpose dressed up in pink and white lacy shirt dress.

Poetry // Baby Love has Up and Grown

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Baby Love Has Up and Grown

Our love has been through fire
Swam the ocean of mistrust, slander and gossip
Our love has been our true desire
Never waning in the face of tossup

The first rush; it came and went
A test of bearings and perceptions
The second, a test of true intent
The third, the fourth and other deceptions

It gets stronger as we grow
Baby love, it’s up and grown
Tried and tested; it’s naught but true
Baby love, it’s up and grown
To and fro the moon and back

----Inez Anigbogu

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Feminine Style // Getting High on Lavender

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local shop bought lavender lace blouse | c/o Zaful shoes | Won Hundred jeans 
Take your blinders off and embrace the beauty of lavender; purple’s younger cousin. Ladies, when lavender blooms it helps ease your anxieties about whether purple can go with red or if purple and grey go together because lavender sure does go with red and grey and even blue and pink as demonstrated by this color contrast tasseled heelsI’ve paired this peek-a-boo lavender lace blouse with a light wash high waist jeans and soothed the boxiness of the denim and blouse with feminine details such as the belt and heels.
I took the blouse to lavender town, for this second look; pairing it with lavender and grey accent floral skirt and you can see there's nothing scary about lavender town nor sickly sweet as I contrasted with hibiscus red 3D floral wrap around nude heels. Now, wrap this around your head: If these floral shoes are too dashing for you you could pair lavender with gold or silver shoes or white. Yes, white is good.
This lavender lace top has got me singing lavender blue dilly dilly. I’m loving purple hair btw; though I’m considering work appropriateness. Hmmmmm. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017


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I am sexy. I know it. I feel it when I sashay past admiring eyes. My slits float playfully in the carefree breeze; creating drama. Gone are the days when maxi dress with slit looked like miles and miles of unappealing fabric, there are now beautiful sexy wrap around maxi dresses with scalloped or ruffled hemlines and even long white lace dress that are maxi and give the most resplendent romantic appeal when worn sheer at the beach as a cover for your coolest or humble swimsuits.
Have you struggled with how to wear maxi dresses? Ever wondered how to pull them off? Here’s how:
5 Ways to Wear the Maxi Dress include:
1.  Donning a structured blazer and cinching in the waistline with a slim belt for definition. Elevate the stylishness of this geometry print maxi dress several notches by wearing with a lovely statement necklace.
2. A scarf on your head, several bracelets on your wrist, western style belt to cinch in the waist and lace up flats on your feet; you achieve a bohemian look uniquely yours with this maxi dress.
3. Draping an adorable scarf around the neckline and a pair of gladiators on your feet. 
4.Wedges uplift a basic maxi. Add some pearl necklace and a clutch and you’ve achieved ladylike glam with this feather print wrap maxi dress.
5.  Choose a maxi sundress, wear your sunhat, white sunshades and a perfect straw bag and you are a sweet darling strutting the town in undiluted happiness.  

Effortless Style // The War between Stripes and Ankara

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When I watched the movie War Room I gained an awareness of how we let out pent up pensive thoughts, worries, anxieties and dark moods. I came to realize that we each have our War Rooms. We have aspects of our lives into which we channel our darkness and either convert it to light or bury ourselves deeper into dark oblivion.
Prayer, praises, writing, music, booze, quirky hobbies, careers…these could all be our War Rooms; where we say the words and let out the emotions no one else could possibly understand.
Imagine stepping into someone’s War Room. You will never see the person the same because you have become introduced to their lunacy.
Nothing to be ashamed of, we are all raving mad. The sanest people are the ones who have found, embraced and prettified their war rooms.
Have you one? Have you a positive one? Have you a negative one? Or are you still raving mad all over the place. My outfit today is a medley of madness with the juxtapositioning of stripes and Ankara and the casual chic feel of buttery slides. Speaking of butter, I’ve been on avocado buttering of my bread for breakfast. You know I’m all about healthy choices. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Adore Me // Sexy Day Dates

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Spring. Sunshine. Warmer weather. Perfect for day dates. I see breezy floral dresses frolicking with the moving air. There are smiles and laughter. There are shy blushes and flirty glances as I amble around the corner and into the apartment complex.
I open the door and walk in. There she is stretched up and reaching for the copper handle of the top shelf. I’ve seen her do this many times before. Naked. I’ve gotten familiar with the look of her body; the undulations of her generous hips when she moves, the way the depressions on the sides of her butts relax as she settles on the deep blue satin sheets splayed across the damask cushion of her vanity table’s chair. She’s been working on her iPad, as usual. Her fingers move as she strokes lines on the bright screen.

“What are you working on, babe?” I ask.
“Bras and panties” she replies coolly

“Ah, you’re shopping” I say casually as I shrug out of my work suit.
“Yep. I want to feel sexy again”
She’s had three kids for us. Her body has changed, but she is home, she is my wife and I love her.
“You are sexy to me” I assure her from across the room. She rises gently to her feet and saunters towards me, gives me a smile and a firm kiss which softens and deepens. When she pulls away she says “I know. I want to feel sexy for me”

OK. I think. But, I feel off. I bristle. I see the line at the middle of her back disappear behind the swoosh of floral dress as she briskly wraps it around her waist and ties the sash. It’s girls date night Wednesday. She has left the kids with her mother and I know she would wear a pair of mules with the dress. I still feel off. I am still bristling. So, I process. It’s ok, Right? That she wants to be sexy for herself. Why then does it feel like I’m about to lose her to someone else? She’s been comfort. Regular. Reliable. Predictable. Now, she’s sexy for herself. Not for me. For her.self. I’m curious. I want to know what lingerie she’s picking. I want to know each and every lingerie she’s going to choose and I want to know when she’d be wearing each one.  I go after her. She’s doing up her hair. I kiss her neck from behind and trail my kisses to the back of her lightly perfumed ear. I notice the gentle rise and fall of her cleavage.
 The base notes of her signature fragrance register anew. I notice I’m feeling warm. My ears are getting hotter. I wonder if she’s already wearing a new lingerie underneath her floral wrap dress. I want to undo the sash and find out.
“See you when I get back, babe” she says as she sashays out through the bedroom door. I almost pout. Friday is our brunch date. I wonder if her purchase would come in before then. I become self-conscious. I want to clean up before Friday. For her. 

Lingerie for you and for him by Adore Me

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lace Shirt Dress // These Shoes Pinch

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coral color lace shirt dress
Fiore flats / Templar lace shirt dress / ColdWater Creek shift dress

I'm wearing this coral color lace shirt dress with this coral shift dress I've almost worn to pieces. Part of the beauty of this lace shirt dress is that it is versatile as I'm going to show you.
 I accessorized the outfit with a color burst coral-pink-green-blue pair of Fiore sling-back flats which I've eventually comfortably broken in. They used to pinch my skin at the back; above my heels. What's that part called, btw? They are a perfect 41 and fit nicely except for that small glitch. This colorful pair of flats comes through in a pinch; when I need a burst of passionate tones....reminds me of that friend who wouldn't sacrifice the TV remote, but will move the world to get you out of a fix even if they bite your ears off through the process.
coral color shift dress

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