Thursday, March 30, 2017

Part Two // Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

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Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review
When I reviewed the Irresistible Me Hair Extension from theSilky Touch line, here, I told you I’d be putting up a second review in two weeks, but it’s taken longer. Here’s the reason. When I first installed the clip in hair extensions this is what it looked like:
Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

It felt silky. The color was perfect and blended well with the natural golden highlights in my hair, but it looked flat and scanty and I couldn’t accept that such a beautiful hair would flop at delivery. 
So, after my first wear of it which lasted two weeks I took it off, shampooed, conditioned, air dried it and stored it in the pack.
A couple of weeks passed and I gave it another go. And this time it turned out as beautiful as I had hoped and anticipated. See for yourself below. It got better with use. 
Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review
It was fuller and much more natural looking than before. I chose the 16 inch length and the color Medium Brown in 1400g. Now, if you want a voluminously fuller head you’d want to get more grams. The 140g I installed felt light and easy to wear. This time also I put in a few curls only holding the curling wand for 20 counts on each section because I wanted very loose waves, here below:
This is my hair after I installed the Irresistible Me Hair extensions
 I did a few sections at the back for longer, about 40 counts, and I can say that the extensions hold curls throughout the day. Also, from first experience I snipped off a section of hair and clip from the thickest piece so that I got a better fit across the breadth of my head (i.e, from ear to ear)
This is the snipped off piece.
This means that no matter the size of your head you can always reduce the breadth and adjust clips if you’re good with a needle and thread or with your hair dresser. 
This is my hair before I installed Irresistible Me Hair Extensions.

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Disclosure: I received the hair extensions for free in return for my open and honest review.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Red Lace Dress // Words Our Way

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unbranded lace dress / c/o Zaful shoes / leggings (old) / locally sourced African bead bracelets
I have a bad case of Baader-Meinhof. When a new word registers, I expect things to proceed like modern day Google ad, such that I will hear about the word severally soon. I turn on the computer and the word is there, on my phone it appears. It even appears as a new biscuit name in the neighborhood Mallam shop. Ridiculous. Before I accepted my case I had thought there was a conspiracy going on somewhere in the universe. But, it is what it is. Baader-Meinhof. Do you experience it? You hear or see a word or something and it keeps occurring everywhere. You know, like this lovely pair of 3D floral wrap around shoes will be everywhere on your screens. Don't fight it. Just let it lead these shoes. Do damage. And do try to wear it many ways as I am attempting with this hybrid lace dress which I've styled before with an Ankara skirt for the weekend.
Ah, the weekend....seems like just yesterday.

Friday, March 24, 2017

10 Breathtaking Ways to Wear Velvet

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Ultra smooth velvet textures are in this season. Skirts, dresses, pants, leggings and even t-shirts are having a crushed or wet-look velvet situation. The fabric is super IN this Spring. It's a luxurious trend which has continued on from 2016. Scared? Do you feel you can't pull if off? or do you have a love-hate relationship with velvet or trends? Yo want to dip in your toes and avoid serious commitment, but you do want to be posh? Never fret. This soft pink camisole is just the right amount of elegance for you.
But, if you want to be the star, the attention-grabber then a red velvet dress, Velvet co-ord top and flare pants set and pleated midi skirts in silver, green or color blocked will be perfect for you.
And if you want full velvet outfit, but toned down and muted, then a simple apricot velvet t-shirt,  black velvet leggings or a brown pleated dress will be absolutely right.
Are you brave enough for the trend?

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