Thursday, August 18, 2016

Weekend Style // Off to the Market

 Sometimes I just want to be super casual and I throw on the most available and easy pieces in my closet to create a grunge effect only this time it didn't turn out grunge-like at all. I've had this asymmetric hem shirt hanging in my closet, unworn, for a really long time and I hadn't been much inclined to wear it because somehow I just hadn't been, until right now that I am wearing it. And to keep it super, super casual I paired trusty old items like this mesh tote bag and patent nude slides with it. This skirt is really old. You might remember it from here. 
How often do you revisit old items? 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Weekend Style // Maroon, Burgundy or Plum Lace?

Stephen Collins belt / local shop bought shirt and leggings / Topshop shoes 

Lace and organza are very girly fabrics which I'm drawn to. I saw this lace shirt in light pink and this autumnal color and I chose this one because, well, I don't like to say it, but the season for candy colors is almost gone.  Pairing the organza shirt with faux leather tights and lace up open boots toughened up the girliness a bit.
 I'm thinking 'skirts' when next I wear this lace shirt. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wishlist // Fabulous Cheap Dresses For Everyday Life

I have been thinking of dresses. My focus being on cheap dresses and items that would work with cheap dresses. 
Here's why. 
I want something for everyday and for work. I want dresses that I can play in and do hands-on work in yet still look fabulous. Some times when I want to get hands-on I remember the dress I have on and I think "hold on. Not in this dress"
If you're like me; searching for fabulous cheap dresses for your hands-on everyday lifestyle you should totally click here to visit FashionMia
I have these fabulous cheap items in my wishlist because I'm all about print cardigans, Lace LBD's and off-the-shoulder cheap dresses. Sleeve details are all the rage this season and I envision wearing this blue shirt over some of my sleeveless dresses to work when school resumes. A shift dress is essential to throw on and go. Since I already have a blank one I'm eyeing this print one. There are a number of cheap and fabulous shift dresses like this one if you visit here for more cheap dresses

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