Friday, October 28, 2016

Fringe benefits from Zaful

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Zaful shirt / Peacock flats / Oasis jeans / local shop bought shirt
 You've heard this truth before that we're all unique in our own different ways, we just have to find what makes us us. Getting inspired by someone or something is different from imitating someone or something. With the former you adapt something to suit your uniqueness, while with the latter you adapt yourself to fit into someone's uniqueness. The uniqueness of this denim shirt from Zaful is the crazy fringe details on the sleeve and hem. I've adapted it to suit my inner quirky side. I like to think that it brings that hidden craziness lurking inside to the surface in a way that the world would accept and embrace.
I wore my multi color costume jewelry necklace to add some lowkey oomph to the look.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall Wish List // SheIn Favorites : Flared Sleeves

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Flared sleeves are dominating this Fall 2016 and I'm loving the trend because it's a fun way to be fashionable even if you are not that fashion inclined. Flared sleeved tops are beautifully feminine and can be incorporated into your wardrobe in ways that could create a full feminine look; like with skirts or just a nod to femininity when paired with pants. 
Floral is also in for Fall. What better way to wear it than on a cape blazer or maybe like me, you enjoy fringe benefits? :D Especially, embroidered fringe. That's double dose of stylishness without risk of being fashion policed.
What is your favorite trend this Fall?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Three Ways // Gold Embroidered Lace For Fall

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Zaful gold leaf belt / Ann Mariano shoes / Tamaris shoes / local shop bought dress / Franco Sarto shoes
I think that sometimes people who actually feel things deeply are thought to be too soft to act; but they do act. Maybe not in the way intended, but they do. I can't say whether I feel things deeply or not, but I know I have moments when I'm malleable and I even feel things I don't think I should be feeling. Then again, I have moments when I'm like wildfire and I don't give a crap if the roof collapses on both our heads. It's gold, no? To be able to feel and not feel. It's pure gold, not sprinkles of woven gold threads like on my dress. Just a lump of pure gold; to logically stare objectively as people are whipped up and shaken in the throes of their own emotions and then decide if you'd want to get caught up in all the brouhaha. A large bar of pure gold too; to unwittingly get snatched up in a moment by your own unperceived emotions. 
Ah, well. With a gold dress as this I can always control the final outlook like I've done these three ways I've styled it.
Outfit 1: Tutu Perfection
I made a good purchase when I got this tutu skirt and I've said over and over how it's made dressing up short dresses so easy. I'll keep tooting its horn because it's worth the praise. Here, I wore it underneath this gold lace dress for glam and length and wore my brown Ann Mariano pointies to give a nod to Fall.
Ann Mariano shoes / local shop bought dress and earrings

Outfit 2: Fall Classic 
On first impulse I wore this embroidered gold dress with black skinny jeans and then contemplated what foot wear would go with the look. I need shoes! Lol. Don't we all. Anyway, I went with my faithful brown Franco Sarto block heels and the matchy random shop bought bag.  
Franco Sarto shoes / local shop bought bag and necklace

Outfit 3: Ladylike Feminine

Tamaris shoes / Local shop bought everything else 
For this last look I layered the embroidered gold dress underneath a skirt and cinched in the waistline with my belt of the moment; the gold leaf belt from Zaful. I'm also eyeing the leaf tassel belt. There are several ways I could wear that. Did I mention that this skirt was originally a dress which I had converted.

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